Scroll Down to see the Dean Martin Story!


Scroll down to see the Dean Martin story!


 Lake Milton Nature Arts Council is a non-profit group that started in 2004. We are a group of volunteers. We led the development of the waterfront Amphitheater.  In 2014 (on our 10th anniversary) we turned its operation over to Lake Milton State Park.  Thank you volunteers for all of your hard work. 



For Lake Milton State Park Amphitheater events, you can go to the Lake Milton State Park website at

or call 330-654-4989


 Engraved Paving Stones:  Paving stones engraved with your own message for the entrance of the Amphitheater can still be purchased.  However, we need 5 or more stones to place an order so we will hold your order and process with the group.  To download a form, click on word "download" below.

Dean Martin & Craig Beach

The first time Dean Martin sang before a large crowd was the summer of 1934 at Craig Beach, Ohio.  Teenagers from Youngstown, Steubenville and other Ohio towns came by day-tripping car-fulls to a beautiful little town on the Northwest shore of Lake Milton.  Today the lake is a State Park that boasts a beautiful Amphitheater on its shore near where the Dance Hall stood.

George Williams Orchestra was playing on the same stage that day that Benny Goodman and other greats have played.  As the historian records, Ross Monaco yelled out to George Williams "hey we got a fella here that sings!"  Williams took 17 year old Dino aside and said "okay kid, what do you want to sing?"  At that time, Dino didn't know alot of songs but together they picked "Oh Maria!"

Dino Crochetti was his real name and he was working in Youngstown at the time.  He came out to the lake for a fun time with friends. There you have it.  Another piece of the Craig Beach story and our beautiful Lake Milton.


The Historic Marker is roadside on Grandview Road just North of the Craig Beach Fire Department.  A second marker is erected roadside at the Lake Milton State Park Amphitheater.